Isabelle Felsmann

Aufmerksamkeit verdient auch die Tochter meiner Schwester: Isabelle (Felsmann).

Sie landete in der Modebranche und verheiratete sich in Australien, wo sie heute lebt und arbeitet. Hier ihr Lebensweg: 

Isabelle is a successful Fashion Sales Manager with 15+ years experience in Fashion & Retail.

She is working as a Sales & Export Manager at Unreal Fur Pty Ltd., a successful emerging Isabelle2017Melbourne based fashion brand.
Previous to Unreal Fur I was working for DKNY International an US Apparel brand based in Milan, Italy for the past 7 1/2 years as an Account Executive. She has an extensive wholesale experience as I was looking after the distribution of our international independent, on-line and department stores in my key markets which included:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Egypt, South Africa and Australia.

She started my career in Fashion as a Junior Brand Manager for JOOP! a very well known Apparel brand from Germany.